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As the leading leather brand in China, we pursue a craftsmanship spirit.

DISSONA has been using high-end technology, top leather crane, after years of the superb craftsmanship, into the global design elite of the original design strength, making every DISSONA handbag production process become sneak in time In the performance of art, eliminating the noisy fireworks DISSONA handbags like the ceremony, both in the aesthetic level or quality areas can withstand the most discerning eye inspection.

With the elegant, intellectual and luxury in one, is the dream of many women, which is why DISSONA reason for existence: to inherit the superb craftsmanship and artistic feelings, over the trend, with elegant, intellectual, luxurious spirit to build Female image.

18,03,2017 DISSONA’ show of “Power of Youth” opened in Shenzhen

22,02,2017 DISSONA became the first Chinese leather brand show in Milan fashion week.

Giving senior leather fashion design soul, eternal exquisite handmade,

Achieve the classic DISSONA advanced custom handbag series.

Afraid of the erosion of time,

With always rigorous, delicate process,

In the flow of time to polish the calm and refined.

Handicraftsman from the Apennine peninsula,

To hand in hand from generation to generation,

To the time, to the luxury, to pay tribute to the arts.