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Triple Major


International pioneer retail concept promoter Ritchie Chan. Today, he opened in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, respectively, three named Triple Major, but the idea of different retail creative space, the international thinking and local culture fun  blend 27-year-old Ritchie was born in Xiamen, 2 years old with his parents moved to Hong Kong, and grew up there, and then went to the University of Southern California to study. There, he studied three degrees in business administration, international relations and history, which became the origin of the subsequent Triple-Major name. He is drinking cola, eating McDonald's grew up in the global generation, the traditional geographical imprint on him is not obvious. But this is a diversified cultural background so that he is more willing to embrace the new culture, over time, his identity and the road has become diverse.

"Triple-Major is not just an integrated store. All along, I have integrated store, design brand, creative studio three-way operation." Ritchie stressed to reporters: "It is an open platform, All the creative people can interact with them, content and form are constantly changing.

Triple-Major is a creative planning studio, often associated with such as the Hollywood Space 1520 and other art space or gallery to hold some exhibitions and activities, but also for many designer brands to do visual creative planning.

In 2010, he planned an exhibition of Project White T-Shirt, inviting 31 designers around the world (including the well-known Shangguan Zhe and Anntian) to re-deconstruct and design an ordinary White t-shirt, get a lot of attention. "The last stop of the tour came to the UCCA Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing and found that everyone was interested in these fresh designs, but nowhere to buy, so he gave the idea of trying to retail."

At that time, China's retail industry is ushering in its turning point, some international buyers giants have not adapted to the environment has been defeated wheat city, China's street "foreign trade shop fashion" is flourishing. But there are some consumers gradually tired of luxury, began to try more aesthetic differences in the designer brand and looking for a different shopping environment. Such as Glossy, by, Waterstone and other local buyers shop has been broken shell out, and Joyce, Swank and other Hong Kong buyers shop has been poised to go.